Stress can kill (final)

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Stress is a survival mechanism that enables our ancestors to evolve. As college students all of us are prone to experience stresses thus chapter 12 Coping with Stress is especially useful. More importantly, the discussion on gaining control after experiencing stresses is even more applicable since final is approaching. The text looks at five different types of controls which included: behavioral, cognitive, decisional, informational and emotional control. In behavioral control individual utilizes a problem focused approach to minimize the impacts/ or prevent a stressful event from reoccurring. Personally, as a student I uses the behavioral control approach a lots because this give me a sense of control over the situation. Knowing that logging on to FaceBook and putting-off my assignments actually contributed to bad grade encourages me to set priorities. However, different circumstances calls for different approaches so cognitive control is another resource I lean toward. By changing my perspective on situations that are beyond my control I was able cop with the situation better. In additional varying my approaches also allows me to adapt to demanding circumstance. Thus decisional control, the ability to chose alternative action are effective means; informational control, ability to acquire information about a stressful event, and emotional control, ability to express and suppress emotions, are all handy. These approaches are helpful alone or in conjunction with each other.

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