Thinking back to Psychology...

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Five years from now, I will remember the placebo and nocebo effect. I am majoring in neuroscience, and am very interested in learning about the biological reasons the effects take place. So five years from now, I hope to study such effects. I am really interested in studying these effects. For example, if someone who is allergic to flowers then smells a fake flower and starts having symptoms, then the nocebo effect has been established. I want to know why he or she would sneeze when smelling the flower. What biological processes undergo these situations? I would look back, and think that it started from my psychology course. I learned how to evaluate things with a more scientific approach, how to avoid popular psychology, and how to utilize my scientific principles more effectively to mostly everything. Five years from now, I will want to know if by knowing how the placebo effect works, if that will somehow change the outcome, and how it will work biologically. For example, If I listen to pieces by Chopin before practicing piano, I get more work done. I want to know that if I know how the placebo effect works, if then it will cancel out the effects of that, so that listening to Chopin before practicing piano, will be the same as not listening to Chopin. I will want to know the biological reasons. This will always remind me of Psychology.

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