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Throughout Psychology 1001, there have been many fascinating and important experiments, findings and information to attain. But one of the most important elements that I will always remember are the six principles of thinking: Replicability, Falsifiability, Ruling out Rival Hypothesis, Occam's Razor, Extraordinary Claims, as well as Correlation vs. Causation. During all of psychology, these six principles tied back into every unit and they truly demonstrate effectiveness when it comes to assessing claims and different situations on your own. Personally, I believe these principles will guide me to make better decisions as I age. For instance, with certain "help" books that promise excess weight loss, or large amounts of stress reduction, I will not waist my money on these claims. The reason I will not is because of the way I learned to scientifically analyze a certain claim before I jump to any decisions. I used to believe in certain ads such as that, and after this class, my skills in evaluating someone or something have significantly increased. Also, they have helped me not fall prey to confirmation bias, hindsight bias, belief preservation and heuristics. Ultimately, I will never forget the six principles of thinking because of the beneficial way they help scientists make conclusions as well as help me make better choices in my life as I finish college and continue my journey through life.

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