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The most important thing I have learned from Psychology 1001 is seven scientific thinking which includes:" Ruling out rival Hypotheses; Correlation vs. Causation; Falsifiability; Replicability; Extraordinary claims and Occam'srazor. These important scientific thinkings not only can be applied on science but also on my daily life, such as when I want to see someone else's opinions about how one thing cause another, I can use "Correlation vs. Causation"; If I want to know what is the meaning of my dream, I can use "Ruling out rival Hypotheses" to avoid pseudoscience explanation.
I think the reason why textbook made scientific thinking as the first chapter is that they want to teach us we need to have a critical mind when we face science or things go through our lives. Because these scientific thinkings, our society and technology can develop in a good way., sometime the world disobey scientific thinking than fall into a bad situation, such as Eugenics Movement which resulted a lot people couldn't give birth when they wanted children.
After all, Scientific thinkings make people being more reasonable and logic sence.

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Good examples of putting the principles to work.

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