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Five years from now, I think I will remember about analyzing psychological claims and not falling into the logical fallacies that our book discussed. I found this concept very interesting because people are pelted with new, intuitive psychological claims every day, and using the skills that the book has taught me, I think I will be able to better evaluate these claims as certifiable or not. Our books author does a great job of giving examples of each fallacy and why they should be knows so you don't get suckered into believing something that is untrue. I think that I will remember this because it will be very useful in my daily life, and could be used for other concepts that I come across as well. Overall, the book taught me to not take everything for its face value. To think through why something might be the way it is, and to realize that sometimes people make false claims to try and make a quick buck. By using these strategies, I can avoid the thinking that if something is on print or in a commercial, it must be true. Not to say that I thought that way before, but with these tools I feel that I am better equipped to deal with life and the claims that people will throw at me.


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I like the comic. :)

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