What i Will Remember (Marty)

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THe most important thing i will remember from psychology, is the incredible sponge characteristics of infants. Previously, i Had that babies were born essentially oblivious to their environment. But knowing now that babies are not colorblind, ad are completely capable of understanding the world around them. i had attributed their apparent low intelligence to their small amount of brain matter. But with the knowledge now i know that they are constantly capable of collecting information, that babies are not dumb just ignorant to the world. They have no knowledge of the world, and are only equipped with basic survival reflexes. How this will impact me, in fives years time i expect to be in a long term relationship, and procreation will definitely be in consideration. This new psychology knowledge will help me in being a better parent. Being educated about my offspring, and their state of mind, will help me be a safe and stimulating caregiver. I know their goals and what i need to do to meet them. Great things to know!

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Keep that psych textbook around for reference! :)

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