What I will remember.

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Throughout the Psychology 1001 course, I have learned and discovered a variety of different aspects related to the real world. As a Carlson student, I have been able to use my knowledge to better understand why people act the way they do and predict how they will act under a certain situation. The one thing that I will probably remember in 5 years from now is the different types of memory techniques and issues involving memory loss. I reviewed my notes before the test for hours relating to memory and really felt like I learned the material. With that being said, I have found that memory techniques are extremely helpful when I play the piano and memorize the songs. I find it interesting how people can be tricked into believing something that is not true, like seeing Bugs Bunny at Walt Disney World. This article I found had some interesting ways of remembering specific events in one's life by using these 10 simple techniques. These techniques can easily be related into psychology because some of them are used to remember events. Alzheimer's disease is matter that I find very sad and touching. With a little more psychological research, some day one may be able to find a cure for this and help millions of people devastated by the disease. Although this is just one simple aspect that I will most likely remember from my Psychology class, there are many things that I found interesting and will take away. Hopefully, this class will help me understand people and the way they act better and will help me in the business world.

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Maybe you can use the memory techniques to help you remember more of the concepts from the class? ;)

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