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It is so easy to trust our own memories because we are the one experiencing them. We weren't just told that on September 11, 2001, the world trade center towers were bombed; we were a part of the country that grieved the loss of too many. But too easily our memories can be altered or distorted by others or time. Memories that have so much emotional significance that they are automatically encoded, don't need to be repeated over and over again. There fore when telling the story we may fumble on a few detials, and then those details become confused with the real story. Other times, people can implant false memories such as in the study were researchers convinced people that they had seen bugs bunny at Disney world, even though this is impossible. What I am going to remember the most from this psychology class, is how easily false memories can be implanted.
I won't be complusively checking my sources every time I tell a story but sometimes when I am and will be recounting an incidence i have that tiny little voice in my mind saying "right?" Such as when I am taking a test I will think "did I actually read that or was that something someone told me?" Its hard to determine the difference in what is true and what is not, but I will always remember that even my best memories can be altered without me remembering. I think in my past I have told several stories that I thought were true but no one in my family remembers happening. For years I was convinced that one time the bus driver forgot to drop me off at my stop and had to drive me directly to my stop, but my sister said she still would have been on the bus with me at that age and my mom claims that never happened either. Was it a dream? I guess I will never know but it is just a good example of how easily you can be convinced of something that didnt happen.think.gif

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I swear that my siblings have false memories of events from my childhood... :)

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