What will I remember?

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When I think about the many different concepts that I've been introduced to in the last semester, I think that I will remember the different theories on (ironically enough) memory. Personally, I found the information regarding memory to be fascinating due to the many different variables that can effect how memories form.

I think one of the principles behind memory that I'll remember the most is the use of the keyword method to remember concepts. I know that I've used this method may times before in order to remember concepts for many different classes (including this one), and found it interesting that there was actually a title for what I was doing.

punch-bag.jpg An example was remembering what the defense mechanism called "Displacement" was. I started by thinking that the word displace means to move, then thought that in order to move an object there must be a force. From that I was able to think of the picture in our book where Prince Fielder is throwing his forcefully throwing his baseball bat. From that, I could conclude the displacement using a socially acceptable target as a way to get rid of anger rather than punching somebody in the face!

Joking aside, I think that the keyword method has, and will stay with me for many years to come. It's definitely a useful tool!

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Excellent. You are also taking advantage of mental imagery which is of course another excellent technique!

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