What will I remember in the future

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The thing that I will remember the most are the six principles of scientific thinking. Now that I learned them in class, they just keep showing up everywhere around me and in many different concepts. Whether in be in a different class or reading an article in the newspaper, I will be able to assess it by using these principles. Knowing these principles will help me to make better judgments and choose if something makes sense or not. The main one that I have seen so far is correlation vs causation. I have noticed that so many stories tend to lead toward correlation equally causation, but I now know how to be skeptical about these and pick out the real and fake ones. Psychology is used many times throughout the day and without the knowledge that I have learned in this course, I doubt I would even pick up or recognize it. Weeding through the facts to find the important parts will be an important part of having a job and dealing with conflicts later in life, so it is good to have a basis that you can go off of.

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Good I'm glad that you learned this.

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