Who Could Forget The Six Principles of Critical Thinking?

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In chapter 7 of our psychology book we learned about the mere exposure effect; the fact that the more you see a stimulus the more you desire it. This therefore leads to the topic I learned this semester in psych 1001 that I will remember: The Six Principles of Critical Thinking. Without looking at my notes I can tell you that the Six Principles are; Occam's Razor, Replicability, Falsifiable, Extraordinary Claims, Ruling Out Rival Hypotheses, Correlation Causation. Occam's Razor is the reasoning that simple is right. Replicability is when a study is proven right more than once. Falsifiable means that it proves the hypothesis true. Extraordinary Claims is that when you have an extraordinary claim, you must have extraordinary evidence. Ruling out rival hypotheses means that you rule out other views opposing your claim. Lastly but not least, Correlation Causation means that a Correlation does not cause a relationship between two things. In this
Link here, there is an article that discusses reinforcement can be the more that you practice something you will remember it better. In the first midterm for this class, we were asked probably 1,000 times about each one and that is not an over exaggeration. This practice helped to stick in my brain as I encoded it into the long term memory. In 10 years I am sure that I will still remember these because I have been quized on them so many times.

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That's good! Now the even more important thing is whether you can apply them to claims that you hear people make in your life!

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