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Have you ever ran into people who will never see two sides to a story, or believe that their beliefs apply to everybody, and most of all people who can't see the world from another perspective. This perspective shows us that even though the preoperational stage emulates clear thinking, Jean Piaget believed children in this stage were prone to egocentric views. Although this is evident in children, this eventually diminishes, and as adults, most children learn to accept the world through their views along with others. Although this may the case for most people as they age, there are others in the world who seem to hold on to their egocentric ways of living. The Taliban in Afghanistan are a perfect example of this. They feel as if modernized ways of living should be banished, and people should live how they did when Islam started to rise. I've witnessed this, because I'm from Afghanistan as well as my family. Women were oppressed, became widowed, and 10 million children became orphaned. If they learned to adopt other ways of thinking, they would open their minds, and possible their hearts to the people they've hurt throughout these years. It's a very important concept in Psychology, and LIFE. In this video, we see a child who has a brother and a sister. He is then asked if his sister's have only one brother, he says yeah because he doesn't think about himself being their brother as well, therefore exemplifying egocentrism.

Egocentrism also relates to belief conservation. They are 2 different ideas, but both relate to ignorance, and lack of information from other sides of the story.
Here are pictures that elucidate the meaning of egocentrism, and that also show one of Jean Piaget's test of egocentrism within children.
piaget.jpg egocentrism2.jpg

We need to understand why some adults til this day are still egocentric, and the effects it will have on all of mankind in order to create a better society, and have a better understanding of the psychological effects it has to the cognitive development of all people.

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