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Remembering Psychology

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The concept that I will remember from this semester's Psychology class 5 years from now is the concept of intelligence. Primarily all of the information about IQ tests, but also the concepts of s and g.


I will remember the information about IQ tests because I have always been interested about my own intelligence and the intelligence of others, and for a few years now I have been wanting to take an IQ test.

I will also remember the big 5 personality traits, and the information concerning that, because for a majority of my life I have been interested in how other people feel and helping other people with their problems, so this topic naturally interested me.

Overall, I feel I have learned a lot by taking this class, and I have enjoyed my experience. I can see myself remembering a majority of the information presented in this class five years from now, and this information will be useful for the rest of my life.

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