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The 10% Myth

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The myth that people only use 10% of their brains has spread like wildfire. It is mainly used by ad's and psychics to get your attention.

This myth states that we really only use 10% of our brains and the rest just sits there, doing nothing. This can easily be refuted by using extraordinary claims. Using brain imaging techniques like PET scans and fMRI, people are able to see that the whole brain, in fact, is still functioning and sending neurons across the brain. Using these brain scanners, you can create an alternate explanation to this myth. The principle of replicability was ignored and that is why this was taken as fact.

Where is Consciousness?

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The brain is a very complex network that just works for most of us, but why and how? How and where does consciousness come from? Our brains work without us being aware of their functions and we go about life not really knowing about how our conscious are formed.

Professor Marcus du Sautoy goes about to figure out where our consciousness comes from. He does and dissects a brain to show us exactly what is happening. He concludes that consciousness comes from the brain stem, in a system called the Reticular Activating System. This system sends projections to the thalamus that then send them out to everywhere. These projections activate the cortex and allow us to be conscious. This documentary concluded that the key to consciousness was activation and whenever an activation occurs, you are being conscious of your surroundings.

I think it is amazing that people are aware because of one part of the brain, rather than prior being told that our consciousness is just there. Now I know the exact cause and how
. The instant thought that comes to my mind, though, is how can they tell for sure that this is what creates consciousness. It is something that you really cannot test and I am wondering how they came up with their explanations of consciousness.

The Facebook Charge

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In a hurried panic, one of your friends hastily posted a status saying that they will not pay for Facebook and that they will not have to pay because they posted this status. Then you see the exact same status posted just seconds later, then another, then they start multiplying like rabbits. Before you know it, it has turned into a pandemic, spreading throughout the whole world. Anybody that uses Facebook has seen one of these threatening statuses. They all have something to do with charging monthly to use the site and they come and go every couple of years, but why does this occur?
facebook-anti-pay-_1557576c (1).jpgInstead of thinking about all of the reasons why this would never happen, people succumb to the trait of ruling out rival hypotheses. Through fear, they take the evidence of all of their friends copy-pasting about it as true and neglect any other possible options. Rational thinking would make people realize that if this were to happen, there are plenty of alternatives that people could go to like Google+, MySpace, or other social networks. Facebook makes all of their money off of ads and selling your information and Mark Zuckerberg has already stated that he will not charge for Facebook. Ignoring some facts to prove the hysteria is not the best way to go about it. If people would just use the concept of rationalism, this would not have spread as far as it has throughout the years and it would cut down on the panic.

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