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Subliminal messaging can often occur in many scenarios, such as TV commercials, billboards, or magazine advertisements. These are ads, that although we don't perceive when we register the stimulus, we still subconsciously recognize in the back of our minds. The idea of these types of messages is so important because for businesses it is very beneficial to use. If these mind games are played without them knowing it then the customer will unknowingly be tricked into wanting what is being advertised, which is very good for the company. But if a person knows that they're going to be deceived using tricks in advertisements they probably won't want to be associated with that company. Examples of these subliminal messages are everywhere in our life today, one being this television clip: If the person viewing this show had not consciously noticed the flicker of the McDonald's logo during the show, then after a while they may have randomly been craving some sort of food from McDonald's, not knowing that it was triggered by the short frame. However since the person watching the TV did notice he probably now has negative thoughts about McDonald's as a company trying to trick him. Some questions that occur to me when thinking about this is how often has this happened to me? Are these subliminal messages in almost every advertisement we see? How beneficial is subliminal messaging for a company, and how many more customers do they receive per year because of it? Should they be outlawed because of the unfair psychological trickery played on customers?

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