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We've all got to admit that when watching the news, whether it be morning, mid-day, or late at night, when the anchorman reports to us about a crime that has been committed we tend to jump to the conclusion that that person is immediately an evil being that deserves whatever is coming to him/her. Before, everyone could agree, that that person is terrible and really needs help, but now that we've learned about the concept of Nature vs. Nurture, it's difficult to determine if the blame really lies with the person themselves, or can it be blamed on his/her upbringing or say...genetics?
For example, recently on WCCO news, the story of a man killing his wife appeared on the news. Of course the normal reaction to this is...go to jail.
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But here's the thing...what we don't know, what we don't hear is what is in his genes and what his upbringing was like. These things are things that the public don't hear, things like this aren't reported on the news. What was reported was how the man killed his wife and what he testified before court. It was said that he "it seemed that he somehow left his body and became a spectator to the shooting." (WCCO, Crime News) What can we say to this? Of course, normally we would scoff at it but let's try to apply the knowledge of what we've learned about Nature vs. Nurture. If we look at this through the lens of a critical thinker without bias thoughts, wouldn't we first wonder what this man's upbringing was like or whether any of his family members had any aggressive, violent, or abusive tempers, reactions, etc. Is it because of his upbringing that he zoned out and let whatever anger take over and run wild? Or was it part of his genes that he can lose control and look back at it remorsefully later because he couldn't control that anger? Now, the news never gives us any of this information, so we can never draw the right conclusion that because of this man's environment or genetics he is acting this way. We are only given the details of wrongdoing, we are not given the details that because of how he was raised or what is within his DNA is the reason he reacted the way he did. Now, of course this does not justify his actions either. It's always questionable about why someone does something and why they don't do something. But the thing is, because the news only gives us one side of the story, does it also mean that they are right? Can't assumptions based upon news or the media be considered extraordinary claims? The duty of the media is to inform the public of crimes being committed and to help keep the public safe but at the same time if it chooses not to reveal the nature vs. nurture side of things, so how do we know what drives the guilty to do what they do? Can right assumptions be made through the media without the Nature vs. Nurture facts?

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