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Many of us today can still recall where we were the day first heard of the 9/11 attacks. But we still are fuzzy on exact details or even what the event looked like. The folks closest to ground zero have been known to accurately and vividly recall what the attacks looked like in detail. This is a demonstration of the "Flashbulb memory phenomenon." this article-> http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/science-news/3350048/911-Study-Reveals-How-Flashbulb-Memories-Form.html is the summary of a study conducted post-event on how those closest to the world trade center remembered the act. This flashbulb effect is the quantification of how well people exposed to a stressful event could remember details with accuracy, as compared to a normal memory. The hypothesis relates that the amygdala in a person's brain secretes a compound that acts in the hippocampus resulting in a person being mre accurate, detailed, and confident in the recollection of events. Though this is not the first study of this phenomenon, it is the first to use modern brain scanning technology. This first study of flashbulb memory occurred after the shooting of JFK. Where the nation was violently shocked in unison. Psychologist s took mention in how people could recall the JFK shooting much better than what they had for dinner, say tuesday last week. Because of the stress of the 9/11 inflicted on those close to ground zero, psychologist unfortunatly had the oppurtunity to study this same style of encoding but with the use of modern brain imaging technology. In this video a patient constents to an MRI and "Neuroscientist Elizabeth Phelps" discusses the results. Pretty Neat!

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