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In this article, researchers have studied and came up with a conclusion stating that men who consumed 2 to 6 servings per week saw their risk of heart failure fall by 21 percent, while those who ate 7 or more servings per week reaped a 29 percent reduction in risk.

This is a good example of Correlation vs. Causation. We do not know that eating wholegrain cereal really effected the results that they came up with. We know nothing about the peoples weight, their diets,and lifestyle of these people who ate whole grain cereal for breakfast. Some of the people on the better end of the spectrum could have possibly been more active in there life and eaten better not just for breakfast. They could have watched their cholesterol more and consumed more fruits and vegetables. While on the other side, the people could have eaten out more and not been as active as the other group. We also do not know what kind of whole grain cereal was consumed, or how much was consumed. One side of it could have eaten, a very sugary cereal while the other could have eaten just plain granola. Although this study looks like it is helpful, we still have to doubt it because of the correlation vs causation facts when looking deeper into it. There are just to many variables present to really trust a study like this. It looks nice on paper but you have to think, is this really true.

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