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Nazism Right Here and Right Now

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The other night I was listening to a radio presentation and it was about the current state of Nazism in America. I guess I know it is out there floating around us, but I never gave much thought to just how active the followers are in the United States. In the presentation a members wife was talking about how her husband had been murdered recently. She went on to say it was particularly cold blooded and horrifying because the person who did the killing was the victims', her son. She went on to say she was not really surprised by this and in fact, had been expecting it to occur sometime in her future. Her son was only ten at the time he murdered his father. He had been trained in handling all of the automatic weapons imaginable and had been groomed to respect only Aryan greatness and submission to no one other than his Nazi comrades.
So the words Causation Correlation popped into my mind. Was this the root of the murder? Am I just jumping the gun? What do you think? A good web site about Nazism in America is playdocid=4861099270516462721

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