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Every night I work at an all Somalian daycare. I have worked there for nearly a year now and am the only caucasian. I have learned a little Somalian language from my families and am teaching English to them. Some of the children in my class of 30, have a terrific grasp of English and some struggle. Every night I have 8-10 kids who sit at the homework table and become quite frustrated with there assignments. Homework has to be done before they go home as there parents are not able to help them.
There are so many times I am in the middle of a conversation with a parent or fellow teacher and realize they are not saying what I think they are saying. There are other times that I realize they have no idea what I am saying. Linguistic Relativity going on right in front of my own eyes.
Sometimes I'll tell my kids to sit down and if I don't say the word with the correct intonation they are quite taken a back. They'll correct me. I enjoy my job because it's a complete education. I love to learn and to teach.


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I get up early everyday and since I do not have cable television, I generally listen to the radio. Both of the past two mornings I have listened to a commercial that talks about the brain benefits of taking a supposed multivitamin containing, KRILL.
What is Krill? They are tiny fish that swim in the ocean and are ruby red. Thousands of krill are put into these multivitamins. The advertiser says they help to maintain your brain, take away pain and improve your veins. This is a strange claim. If there was such a successful pill, why haven't physicians used it previously?
The Krill are small fish, a delicacy to the Japanese, and it is the tail meat, the hardest to get, that is the source of the oil. The claim is this oil is a source of Omega-3 fatty acids and it enhances the receptors in our brains. This led me to think abount falsifiability and can this claim be disproved.
The advertiser also made claims about the plasticity of our brains. Statements were made describing how our brains are changing all of the time and Krill can make those changes more efficiently. I am not an expert, but these claims about Krill sound like the old patent medicine days when most of those discoveries were filled with alcohol.

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