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I recently came across an article from MSNBC that posed the question of whether reality television makes us dumber. In the article called "Watching Jersey Shore Might Make You Dumber, studies suggest" researchers performed a study to test their theory. They split a group of randomized subjects into two groups; one group read a screen play on a man who does crazy things with his friends when he's drunk, while the other group read a boring screen play about an "average-joe's" life. After, the researches asked the subjects a series of questions, the people who read the screen play on a man doing crazy things scored worse than those of the other group.
The idea is called media priming: the things that we read or watch influence our behavior and emotions. I, for one, don't feel this study is completely accurate because of the possible outliers that could have effected the results such as age and social class. Also, they reported in the article that the questions were difficult for most people in general. That being said, I do think they are on to something. Maybe if they replicate the study, I'll be more willing to flip the channel once I see Snookie's poof appear, but for right now, I will continue to watch my favorite reality shows.

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