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The article that I recently found was describing why children should be taught a second language early in life. The article "Can Preschool Children Be Taught a Second Language?" explained how it is much easier for a young child to learn a language than an adult. First, they explained how children are totally immersed in the language, it is easier to learn. According to the article, "when people immerse themselves in a language like children, through play and exploration, they can learn a language quickly and easily."
The article also gives tips on how to allow the children to learn a second language easier. Some examples are learning by doing, learning by talking to each other, and learning by having fun.
This article also includes vocab such as babbling, which happens in the first six months of life. This is one way the child learns the language, and therefore, it could transform into any language the parent wants it to. During the first few years of life, children form their main learning pathways.
Learning a new language is by far easier to do when one is younger because they are already leaning one language, and an easily transfer that into learning a second language. Also, it becomes much harder for one to learn a language when one starts high school, which is when most Americans start learning one. Learning at a younger age is much easier than at an older age.

I recently read an articles called "Obesity linked to dangerous sleep apnea in truck drivers." The theory of the article is that commercial trunk drivers who are obese are more likely to crash because of they are more likely to have sleep apnea. To test this, 456 commercial drivers were given the OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) test. The results showed that 17 percent suffered from sleep apnea. With these results, employers are able to tell the drivers to get the help that they need, so they have less of a chance of crashing.
A strong correlation is shown between obesity and truck crashes, however, there are a lot of other outliers that could play into affect in whether they will crash. How much does the driver pay attention? Does he talk on his cell phone? This study did not prove that truck drivers who are obese would crash their trucks more often, but that the companies are trying to identify those drivers who may suffer from sleep apnea so they can correct the problem. This study is important because now, employers can find those who have the sleep apnea, and get them the help they need so the roads are safer.
Two years ago, my father used to suffer severely from sleep apnea. One day, while he was driving to work, he fell asleep at the wheel, and drove his car into a ditch. Thankfully, he was still in the neighborhood and was driving about 20 miles per hour. This was a wake-up call for him. He went to the doctor, who told him he needed to lose weight, and after he lost 100 pounds, his sleep apnea is much improved.
Weight plays a pivotal role in sleep apnea, and therefore, truck drivers who are over weight, should be wary of their sleep habits. They are on the road more often then other drivers.
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