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Chunking and Rehearsal

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Chunking and Rehearsal

I was always astonished by our ability to recall perplexed amounts of information, when our short-term memory capacity is much less than what we're capable of memorizing. With a unique understanding of the psychological terms, chunking and rehearsal; I am now able to comprehend how our cultured mind is able to organize such information. These concepts deal with the techniques that allow a normal human being to memorize information into meaningful grouping, which allows us to extend the span of the short-term memory. Also, Rehearsal in which we repeat the information to extend the duration of retention in short-term memory is one of my favorite concepts. To cultivate this information into my life I have been memorizing the Holy Qur'an since I was ten-years-old and always wondered how our brain works to store this immense information. Then, I came to realize that it's through chunking and rehearsal that people remember and retain complicated information. I am currently practicing rehearsing and chunking verses the Qur'an to remember better. These two concepts have helped improve my memorization and I am looking forward to applying this to all of my future learning techniques.


This video exemplifies how important chunking information is to help us remember things better and easier.

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