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First of all this course have demonstrate why psychology is a science and how complex and interesting is the study of human behavior. That includes other related science that affect human behavior and we need to understand how they work for then understanding the resulting human behavior. Science studying the brain defined as neuroscience, human physiology, genetics, environment and more!
Some of the many interesting facts I have learned so far in this course is that we humans are only aware of what we are interested in, ignoring all other things around us. Like the video of counting the passes without noticing the moonwalk bear that passed by the group. The topic of intelligence, that clarify me the concept of IQ, how it is affected by education, gender, race, age and other factors and how IQ can predict success in complex tasks. Also about similarity, proximity and reprocity that influence people for falling in love. Human development was also a great topic. Learning tips as reading for the babies before born and knowing more about what babies feel and don't feel and what babies can think and what they can't at an specific age.
I think I will remember all these things learned because are things that I will be using during life. Also are concepts that I will recommend everybody to be related with. Because not only for psychologist but for all people that plan to have a child, to have a serious partner relationship and to understand why intelligence vary in people among other interesting facts that the world of psychology can help us to understand things in life.

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