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Pseudopsychology is always proposing new theories that are supposedly supported through quality experiments. This most recent study, suggests that men who score lowly on their IQ examines also appear to have an unhealthy waist/hip ratio leading to obesity and heart risk disease when they reach middle age. I think that they really need to eliminate rival hypothesis and simplify their study by minimizing other possibilities. First off, one observational study cannot prove causation. Secondly, other reasons behind low IQ and obesity could be that there is a positive correlation between IQ and overall success in life. Which means that lower IQ would correlationally have lower success in life, and I did a research paper which showed a correlation between poverty and obesity. That could be just one of the many reasons. Finally the article shows no evidence of replicability nor any precise correlations, just stating that they are related.

Effect of Divorce on Children

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Over the past half a century, the rate of divorce has been increasing, but what effects does divorce have on children? Some claim that it is traumatic to their development and can hamper their ideas of a functional family, while others hypothesize that it really has minimal effect on children but their ability to cope can make them stronger if the parents still do an adequate job raising them.
Many researchers propose that the effect of divorce on children's development really depends on the father. If the father was originally a figure of authority in the family and is no longer present, children can often run wild per-say. People often say that people with security issues and other social problems have "daddy issues." This claim isn't far from the proof provided by some psychologists. These psychologists claim that the father role model provides a emotionally secure environment which in turn helps make kids into emotionally secure adults.
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