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Psychology is an important subject to take when first entering college. It provides an introduction to many topics that will be universally useful and applicable beyond the classroom. I know that psychology has had a great impact on my thinking and will continue to as I continue through school. The methods of scientific and critical thinking that I have been taught have allowed me to analyze things in ways I wouldn't have before. These skills have helped me decide on what I choose to believe and what i choose to argue. When reading the newspaper for example, I have looked beyond what the author is saying to look at the facts; is it replicable? or can it be falsified? I ask questions like these in everything i do now. Some of the other concepts, especially the social interaction ones, have shown up in my other classes and have given a good background and helped make them more clear for me. There are times when I get annoyed with the class, but never have I or will I regret taking it.

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