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What will I remember?

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I feel that I will be one of those college students that thinks back to my Freshman Psychology class and probably not remember much of it (only that it was a lot of reading, and I wasn't very good at it). But, I do feel like there will be one thing that I will look back and remember about Psychology, the different types of attachment styles. I have decided that for my major I am going to do something with children, probably not teaching, but something more on the lines of helping with them and working with them. I feel that this is a subject I will remember because I know that it will come in handy when I am working with kids. Also, I am a babysitter and it will really help me out to know what type of attachment style the child is, so I know how to handle the situation when the parent leaves/comes back. I probably will remember this because it pertains to myself and my interests and that is why it will probably stick with me in my long-term memory. I do honestly hope I can look back and remember more about the things I learned in Psychology because it was a very interesting class, I just wasn't very good at it. Psychology messes with your head a little bit, because there are so many possibilities for so many different problems.
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