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Recently, there have been many amazing claims about the Acai Berry Diet. In an article found at the link http://acaiberrydietnow.com/, the writer talks about how the Acai Berry found in the Amazon helps people lose weight. It also states that the berry is a "Super Food" filled with the highest levels of antioxidants. It even says that it was promoted by Dr. Oz and Oprah. These claims sound great! However, there are many problems with this article and the accusations it makes.
One major problem is that it has many warning signs of pseudoscience. It gives exaggerated claims when saying that this berry will help with not only weight loss, but sexual dysfunction, insomnia, cancerous cells, and diabetes as well. It has an overreliance on anecdotes. In fact, the only evidence given for the diet is anecdotal. The only other "evidence" really isn't evidence because it doesn't have a connection to research. It states the claims but gives no links to any actual studies. Even the claim that Dr. Oz and Oprah recommended it, upon further investigation, was found to be completely false! In fact, they are suing companies who said they endorsed it.
Near the end of the article, it talks about how Amazonian people have been using the Acai Berry for years and that is why they are so healthy. However, the Scientific Thinking Principle of Ruling out Rival Hypotheses helps the most in seeing that this is an unsupported claim. There could be many other hypotheses for why the Amazonian people are healthy. Maybe they walk more, or eat less, or their genetics keep them healthier. One or all of these hypotheses could have caused the Amazonian people to be healthy. So when the article says that the health of the Amazonian people speaks for itself it's really saying absolutely nothing!
In this blogger's personal opinion, this Acai Berry diet is a waste of time and, if anything, potentially dangerous. Maybe the Acai Berry diet does have great health benefits. However, I'm going to wait until there is more evidence before running out to buy these pills.

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