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Taking either an SAT or an ACT test is a standard procedure to apply for college. Because the scores are linked to the type of colleges a student is accepted into, it is no wonder that many students hope to study and improve their scores. So, many companies capitalize on this fact by charging students money to help them study for the exam.
However, it is not clear as to whether these programs really work or not. Although there is a positive correlation between taking these courses and student's scores, there are multiple ideas as to why that is. One such idea is that students who take the courses are better educated to begin with. Also, there is a hypothesis that the improvement seen after the classes is due to practice effects. Practice effects means that people improve because of practice alone and not necessarily because of the classes.
Why is this important to know? It is important because taking SAT and ACT's as well as other forms of IQ tests are a part of life that many people have to face. It is important to know what you should and should not do to achieve the scores that you are looking for. So, should you spend your money on one of these classes? Well, if you do, you should expect improvement but not miracles. It is unrealistic to expect more than a 200-point increase. So, I would avoid any articles that claim to boost your score by an unrealistic number of points such as this article. If there is something that I am still wondering about, it's what my SAT scores would have looked like if I had taken one of those classes. I suppose I will never know. However, I assume that it would not be hundreds of points different.

v_tough_love_miami_3_09_11_394-1315323902.jpgMore likely than not, you have experienced attraction to someone. It is a part of human nature. So what causes attraction? Scientists have narrowed the major principles to proximity, similarity, and reciprocity. Proximity is how physically close you are to that person. For instance, having a locker next to someone puts them in close proximity to you and makes it more likely that they a relationship will develop. Similarity is how much you have in common. People are much more likely to find someone attractive who is similar to themselves. Lastly, reciprocity is how one person responds to another. For instance, if one person shows that they like a person, it is more likely that the second individual will begin the like the other person back. It is all about give and take.

I find the principles of attractiveness to be very useful because it is so common in our everyday lives. Attractiveness especially plays an important role in the lives of matchmakers. One such matchmaker has come out with a show called Tough Love Miami. In this show, several women are chosen to endure a "boot camp" where they go through challenges to find out what they are doing wrong or right when looking for a man. In psychology, it is said that people judge others by what they look like. Well, in this clip, Leilini is very open about her preference for handsome men. Is also makes a statement that she is looking for a man who is as good-looking as she considers herself to be. Steve, the matchmaker, yells at her for this. However, she is showing one of the principles of attractiveness, the principle of similarity. I am, however, still wondering which principle is used the most whenever it comes to being attracted to a person.

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