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This article states that Facebook has the same effect as games like Suduko in making you smarter, by strengthening your working memory. On the other hand, it says that Youtube, Twitter, Text messaging, and other activities like these, can contribute to making you less intelligent, by weakening your working memory. Working memory is basically our ability to remember and use information. The article also states that working memory has been believed to be more important than a person's IQ when it comes to their happiness.



I personally have a few problems with the claims this article makes, because it does not give any details about how the findings were found. They do not even really mention the study in which the claims were made from, they only referenced other studies having to deal with working memory. The article doesn't actually have any statistics about the claims at all, they only say general things like "believed to be" and such. Also, this doesn't hold up to the principal that extraordinary claims require extraordinary measures. The claim that Facebook and other activities, like playing video games, which was also mentioned in the article, can improve our intelligence is quite extraordinary to most people. Therefore, it should require extraordinary explanations behind the findings of this article. However, the article lacks to really provide much explanation other than Facebook engages our memory senses, while Twitter requires us to really remember nothing. That doesn't really have much backing either.

So overall, while I find this concept interesting, I feel that it would be nice to know how these claims were found. I would also like to have these findings further tested on their reliability, as to whether or not they can be recreated in other studies.

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