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What I Hope to Remember

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Personally, I feel like this year in psychology 1001 I learned a lot of useful and interesting things that I will hopefully be able to remember for many years to come. However, if I had to choose one thing that I hope to remember the most, it would probably be the signs of pseudoscience, because even if I do not continue in a psychology field, I still want to be able to be a well-educated person. This will help me to make well informed decisions based on the information that I am given, and it will help me decipher what information is accurate and what I can believe.

All of this is good because then I won't make foolish mistakes bases on misinformation that I had been given, or false claims that I have been told. On top of that, I will be able to recognize articles that I read that are about valid research and claims.

Also, this brings me into the principal of heuristics, which I also hope to remember because I believe that these are important to keep in mind on a daily basis. This is because I think that we all need to understand how our reasoning works in order to makes the best decisions in our everyday life.

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