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I blame it on my hippocampus!

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My friends tell me I am terrible with directions, apparently even if they are "easy to follow". I avoid driving or being the leading navigator in any situation (both voluntarily and involuntarily...). I know my friends are right. I became a common target for sarcastic jokes about navigation. I've lived in one city my whole life, so how is it possible that I have difficulty navigating my way back to a familiar road after dropping a new friend off? The answer lies in the hippocampus, the area of the brain inside the limbic system which plays a crucial role in spatial memory. Learning how London taxi-drivers have especially large hippocampi enlightened me to my own situation. I must have an either average or (probably) less-than-average-sized hippocampus, which would directly relate to my insufficient mental map abilities! Although there is uncertainty about the causal arrow between the size of the hippocampus and the amount of experience in spatial tasks, I finally have a valid biological excuse I can use from here on out. I am bad with directions and would rather take a bus, but I can blame this problem on my darn hippocampus!

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