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During the lectures in psych, I was curious of the consequences of not using the scientific method. Surely our ancestors had gotten along just fine without them using the everyday heuristics. Or had they? I was born in Central America so I know a thing or two about the cultures that exist down there. When I asked my question about the scientific method one of those cultures immediately came to mind. The Aztec civilization. The Aztecs had faulty Cause/Correlation thinking and it led to the slaughter of thousands of people. The Aztec society was a very large practitioner of human sacrifice. How they came to believe it was helpful is very interesting. They believed the universe ran on a perpetual energy of motion called "Tonalli" which literally means animating spirit. ( They beleieved the sun ran on it and without tonalli the universe comes to a stop. They also believed in humans, blood was where our tonalli dwelt. This cause correlation between the tonalli and what they thought the universe needed to run on made them believe that they needed sacrifice to help the universe to continue working. How sad that so much death could have been avoided if only the minds of that time had realized that the blood oh mankind did nothing to change the way the sun or the mechanics of the earth worked. In modern times we don't have things like this happening but its good to look back and reflect on what was done in the past.

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