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In today's society, there are many different products that people put out in order to help people get over their addiction to tobacco. However, a great deal of the time, many of these products can be ineffective. That brings up the question: what makes some products more ineffective than others? Can hypnosis be used to help cure one's need for a cigarette?

Hypnosis can be used to treat many different kinds of problems, ranging from asthma to weight loss. It works by making the hypnotized person more suggestible, and then in turn changing their perceptions on different things. One must keep in mind however that the person who is hypnotized still has free will over what they think/do. If a person truly wanted to quit smoking cigarettes, and used hypnosis to do so, that person would be more succeptible to the idea of quitting. That would greatly increase the chance that he or she would stop smoking. I believe that one's will power plays a huge role not only in the use of hypnosis, but for all kinds of treatments. If someone really wants a change and believe the treatment they are getting will help them, they will have a greater success rate of it actually working.

Lucid Dreaming

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Our brain is a very complex organ. When we sleep, the brain processes many different bits and pieces of information that was processed in the previous day, and sorts through them. Humans dream multiple times per night, usually with each dream being about 10 minutes. The dreams can be about anything; they can be as boring as a repeat of what happened the previous day, to a reenactment of a favorite childhood show of yours. Lucid dreaming occurs when a person becomes consciously aware that he or she is dreaming. When this happens, most people end up waking up immediately. However, there are ways to train yourself to not wake up when this happens, and actually begin to take control of your dreams.

There are many different techniques that can be used in order to lucid dream. One important thing many people recommend is to start keeping a dream journal. Whenever you wake up, you should record as much as you can about what you dreamt the previous night. The next thing you need to do is train your brain to realize when you are dreaming. One way of doing this is writing something on the back of your hand, and throughout the day checking what it says periodically. If you do this enough, you will start to do this while dreaming. However in your dream, whenever you check your hand, it will always say something different. This should make you realize you are dreaming. The next thing is training yourself to stay awake. Keep in mind there are many different techniques of doing this. The main thing is practice and dedication.

Our Mind is the Medicine

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Before reading this blog, I suggest that you watch this video as a precursor.


This video really astounded me ever since the first time I saw it, as it really brings up some interesting points about the placebo effect. As the video states, a placebo pill can work half as effective as aspirin, while the same pill can work half as effective as morphine. One might ask, "how can this be possible?"

Our brain is a very powerful thing. It can trick us in many different ways, and a placebo effect is one of the many ways it can trick us. The placebo effect is a very interesting topic to me. Let's take for example someone who has depression. The doctor prescribes them a placebo drug, ie. a sugar pill. As long as the patient believes that the drug he is receiving is good at managing depression, chances are that he will actually feel a lot better, even though it is just a sugar pill. That is why I named this blog "our Mind is the Medicine." Our mind and mindset plays a huge role in the well being of ourselves.

One thing that can affect how powerful a placebo is, is how real the placebo looks. If a pill is larger, it will have a stronger effect. However if a pill is blue, it will have significantly different effects than a pill that was red. All of these go back to tricking our brains into thinking a placebo is real; the more real it looks, the more effective the pill will be.

One more thing that really intrigues me about this video is also mentioning that placebos could be addictive. It is crazy to me how that is really possible. It just goes to show how powerful they actually are, that our brain can get addicted to something as simple as a sugar pill, in order to treat many different disorders.

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