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IQ vs. Obesity?

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Extremely recently, CBS published an article that brought up the point that low scores on the Intelligent Quotient could be related to obesity. Even after just reading the title of the article, my couple months of studies in Psych 1001 led there to be many red flags appearing in my head. According to Freeman, "For the study - described at a recent meeting of the American Heart Association - researchers in Sweden compared the waist-hip ratios of more than 5,000 40-year-old men to their scores on IQ tests taken when they were around 18 years of age. The researchers found a strong inverse relationship between the ratios, which scientists use to gauge obesity and heart disease risk." First thing I thought of was that correlation does not equal causation. I am questioning whether there is an extra variable in there that is causing the obesity (overeating). It does not make any sense to me that having a low IQ would cause someone to be overweight. The author of the study argues that people with a low IQ have troubles receiving all the messages that are sent to them. Even so, I find this claim to be extremely ridiculous. What could be causing this relationship? It could be that these people make poorer or cheaper food choices. However, I firmly think that just because someone scores "lower" on the IQ test does not make them more likely to be overweight.

In honor of the new Call of Duty game coming out on November 8th, I am going to have that be the topic of my blog for this week. This game series has turned into the biggest gaming franchise in the history of video games. This is one of the most anticipated, as well as most pre-ordered video game of all time. This game is very prominent especially in the age group of young teenagers. Needless to say, Call of Duty is a very violent video game. Last game they came out with, had a warning before you play the game that said something to the effect of "This game has some very offensive and graphic material, do you wish to see this content?" They were referring to a level in the game where you are in an airport in Russia and you are told to unleash on innocent civilians. Like I mentioned earlier, young teenagers and children are a very popular audience for this game. Their brains are not fully developed at this age, and they are constantly learning things like a sponge. The question is, does this extreme violence affect what their behaviors are going to be? In my opinion, if young children are exposed to this violence, they begin to develop a resistance to the horrific effects of violence. They see it as something "normal," and tend to not think much of it. I think this may cause children and teenagers to be more likely to act aggressively in certain situations. I am not saying that just by playing violent video games, children will go out and kill people. I am just saying that it will increase the chance that if a child is put in a certain situation, he or she will act more aggressively without thinking anything of it.

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