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Over the course of this semester, there have obviously been a lot of things that I have learned about psychology that I didn't know before. Many of these things I quickly realized are very applicable to real-life situations. I am not going to be majoring in psychology, however taking this course was very stimulating and in my opinion one that is crucial for courses I will take in the future. I have learned to never take anything for what it is. Things such as correlation does not always equal causation, and many of the other scientific principles, are things that I will carry with me through the rest of my college years. It is something which is crucial to the process of critical thinking and analyzing data, information, etc. It is the one thing I will remember because it not only applies to psychology, but to every single other field out there right now. It is something that I believe every student should be aware of, so they don't just take everything as it is. As I learned this semester, analyzing things at a deeper level can provide a very different outcome.

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