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Equinox Egg Balancing

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Many people believe in very odd traditions. Stemming from the Chinese tradition of standing eggs on the vernal equinox, many believe that eggs can only be balanced this way on only that day. All over the world, people are up at midnight on the equinox, hanging out in their kitchens balancing eggs. winter-solstice-egg-balance.jpegWhile this may seem magical to them, they're wrong in thinking it's an amazing spectacle. This hoax is nothing more than confirmation bias at its best. So many people are enthralled by the idea of the vernal equinox as being some incredible earth changing experience that they forget that eggs can be balanced like this any day of the year.These people forget that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Of course, the evidence of being able to balance the egg on the equinox works, however they must also show the evidence that you cannot balance the egg on any other day, and unfortunately for them, that just isn't the case. We can use the Occam's Razor principle to dispel this hoax by choosing the simpler explanation: an egg's possibility of being balanced on its end depends on its smoothness, the surface it is being balanced upon, and the steadiness of the person doing the balancing.

Think seeing is believing? Check out the video below and make your own choice on whether or not the vernal equinox effects an egg's ability to balance. (Hint, it doesn't.)


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