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Psychology is useful to me everyday. All the different possibilities for analyzing and understanding every person I interact with each day is what makes me love psychology and all that it entails. One of my favorite psychological concepts is that of nonverbal communication. Being able to gauge people's true emotions just by looking at how they're standing, what nervous ticks they have, and what micro-expressions they're displaying is so fascinating to me. Watching shows like Lie to Me and reading Dr. Paul Ekman's books has allowed me to further understand the huge extent to which nonverbal communication plays a role in our lives. In my own life I've been able to use what I've learned from psychology to better understand the emotions of those around me, even when they don't outright say how they're feeling. Having a grasp on basic nonverbal communication skills can help you make people more comfortable around you, see you as more successful, or even more attractive. Seeing as it is something that everyone engages in on a daily basis, I think that knowing the various landmark behaviors of nonverbal communication will stick with me for many years to come.

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