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Nature vs. Nurture is one method of studying behaviors. The "Nature" aspect is based on the idea that your genes shape you. The "Nurture" aspect is based on the idea that the environment shapes you. I feel that this theory is important because you really have to scientifically examine all the possibilities. You cannot just assume something like causation vs. correlation. You can also apply replicability to finding in studies such as adolescents engaging in smoking at a young age are more likely to engage in health risk behaviors (Drs DuRant, Kreiter, and Krowchuk). Basically, you can use multiple methods of scientific thinking in regards to nature vs. nurture.
But it has to make you wonder though whether or not nature vs. nurture can be confused with one another or work together hand in hand. For example, I'm a clean freak. I like to keep things tidy and in order. So does my mother. So it makes me wonder, is it by nature or by nurture? My mother likes to clean so maybe it got passed down to me through traits? Or is it because I've always grown up in a clean house that now I feel the need to live in a clean environment? An example like that makes me really wonder if the two can be linked together. With more studying of nature and nurture, things can be examined more in depth. An article online looks at this a little bit closer.

Overall, I feel that the best way to observe the nature vs. nurture debate is to study in through natural observation.

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