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Five years from now, when I am a new nurse in the medical field, I think what I will remember most about psychology was the chapter on human development. In particular, one thing that sticks out in my memory is the story about the Genain quadruplets, all of whom are identical, born within 17 minutes of each other and have schizophrenia. This story opened the chapter and really got me interested. It opened the door to the whole nature vs. nurture debate in human development. Was the varied environment that the girls were raised in a causal factor for their disorder, since they are all practically genetic clones of each other? In this case, the story raises far more questions than answers; especially about how genes and similar environments can result in different patterns of psychological adjustment. Since I plan on specializing in psychiatric nursing, I think that this story is going to be something that I remember when dealing with my patients. It will help remind me that correlation does not equal causation. Just because all of the Genain quadruplets had schizophrenia and were identical does not mean that their disorders were played out in the exact same fashion. Also, it will remind me to consider the influences of early experiences as a possible factor for problems and disorders in life. Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about psychology and psychiatric disorders are of my favorite interest. I plan to study them further as my education progresses.

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