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Never Forget to Ask Questions

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Throughout the course of psychology, I have learned many fascinating things that I believe will stay with me for many years. One of the most interesting things that I learned about was people's unconscious act of conforming to the group. Last week in discussion, the class watched a video where there are several people in an elevator, and only one of which that was not included in the experiment. When all of the remaining people in the elevator did a certain thing, or stood in a certain direction, the non-confederate conformed to these movements. It really showed me how much the group has an influence on the individual, and no matter how much people believe they are an individual in their actions, there is always an underlying reason. Above all, the chapter discussing conformity and obedience taught me to always ask questions and to never just follow blindly. One of the sentences that stood out most over the course of the book describes the thoughts of German author, Hannah Arendt. According to Hannah Arendt, "most of the world's wickedness originates not from a handful of cold-blooded villains, but from large numbers of perfectly normal citizens who follow orders blindly" (Lilienfeld, 509). Many years from now, this is what I'm going to remember.

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