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Being a huge reality TV show fan, I'm really interested in how people say that reality TV shows affect society and how people act. I tend to mostly disagree with this, seeing that I don't watch reality TV because I idolize the characters or anything, I'm just interested in the drama and mostly find it to be humorous (Jersey Shore, for example). However, some people I have talked to disagree. My friend for example, once told me that he can't understand how I can watch reality TV because whenever he does, he can feel the intelligence being "drained out of him". A lot of people seem to think that reality TV shows make the audience that watch them less intelligent or think that they can act a certain way.

Above is a link to an article I read about the effects that reality TV shows have on society. It brings up a good point about why people may find reality TV more appealing. It explains how reality shows have non-celebrities as their cast. This makes the audience better able to connect with the people on the shows because they're "normal". The article claims that this makes it so the audience begins to think, act and speak like the people on the show. It states that the audience may begin to lose their own emotions about certain things and basically turn into the people represented on the reality show.

In my opinion, you just have to realize that reality TV shows do not represent reality. I disagree with this article and do not think that anyone that watches a reality TV show turns into the people represented on the show.

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