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In five years from now, something I'll remember from Psychology is the concept of emotional appeal in advertisements. I'm going into graphic design and marketing for a career, so knowing how to grab the attention of the viewer with an advertisement by using emotional appeal is important. This is the concept of classical conditioning discovered by Pavlov. By knowing about this concept, it helps graphic designers create advertisements for a product. I can use this knowledge to create certain emotions in a viewer to make them associate that knowledge with the product and then want to buy the product. Every time the person sees the product, they will think of or feel that emotion they now have associated with it because of the advertisement. This concept is so important because it's a great way for companies to create interest in a product by arousing the emotions.
Another thing from Psychology that I will remember in five years is the way that you can look at art and see the artist's emotions being expressed. Seeing that I'm going to be a graphic designer, I'm very interested in art as well. It can be very intriguing looking at artwork and being able to look into the artist's mind and thinking about what they could be feeling at the time they created the artwork. Art can give so much insight into someone's inner thoughts and reveal things that they feel that they didn't even know.

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