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The hype created by hair loss

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Scientists and Researchers have been searching for a baldness cure for years.
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So far, in America, the 35 million bald/ balding men, are without luck, according to The Today Show.

So why do these men fall for the 3.5 billion dollar 'hair loss cure' hype? This happens because of the bandwagon effect. The bandwagon effect is the phenomenon of a popular trend continuing to gain popularity. These men believe, that maybe if it "worked" for these men, it'll work for me too! George Costanza even fell for this hype, in the Seinfeld episode, The Tape.

There is no proven evidence for any of these hair loss hypes. Even Caboki has no scientific or researched evidence behind it. Although these visuals look real and seem unreal! And it is just that, unreal. Check out these results from people you tried Caboki. Sorry men, but this may just be one wagon you want to stay off.

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