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The most interesting thing that I learned from the Loftus's article should be people's memory can be planted by others. The subjects from psychology experiments were persuaded by investigators that they had experienced something but actually they never did. Those investigators were using fairly strong suggestions to make the subjects confidently and the false memories were given persuasively. The strong suggestions involved family members construct scenarios and mix true and false memories together and feed them to subjects. This procedure is called ''familial-informant false-narrative procedure'' but it's also called "lost in the mall procedure" for short. In the real world, people use a technique which is called guided imagination. This can increase people's confidence to believe that they have had experience which actually they have not. This is a seriously problem in our society, according to the beginning of Loftus's paper. A lot of innocent people went prison and spent very long time because the victims had false memories.
My best memory is that I and my parents had a vacation on an island. It was very good of course but the reason why I think that is the best is that it is the only vacation we have ever had with each other. Every time I tell that to other people, I always add some "extra juice" that I was not sure that have happened and when I look at the pictures, I did not find the actually evidence. For example, I remember I have seen an elephant show that allow audience to go on the stage and lie down, they will make an elephant to pretend step on his body but without pain, so that people can take pictures. I barely remember that I went on the stage and let the elephant do that to me. I can even remember I felt worried and excited at that time, but when I asked my parents, they told me that I only fed the elephant and didn't take the picture that elephant step on me. I was shocked when I heard that, because I can even feel my mouth felt bitter when I tell that story.
In my opinion, it is really important for people to recall past experience accurate. A lot of people go the prison because the victims' bad memories and their wrong recollection of past experience and this tragedy is only the tip of the ice-berg. 733_elephant_rex_18c0d9b0a23313b71.jpg

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