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Positive Emotion

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There are a lot of emotions in this world. In my opinion, the most important kind emotions is that positive emotions, also it is called "other-praising family". According to the a study by Jonathan Haidt. There are 17 potentially basic emotions are called positive emotions. Such as excitement, interest, pride in achievement, relief, and sensory pleasure... Based on Haidt's study, negative emotions make people change, but positive emotions make people "stay here". Imagine if there were no positive emotions in this would, that would be a disaster. We always want to change because we don't want to get over difficulties. People don't feel good when finish good things. We can't keep our promises because we feel they are so hard to keep.
There are two definitions I have learned about emotions. The first one is that behaviors and decisions about behaviors that affect social outcomes (Gazzaniga & Heatherton, 2006). The second one is that shared norms that indicate how people should behave, especially in community situations (Haidt, 2007). Just like Haidt said, emotions are the reasons that make people behave.
In my opinion, there are in fact positive emotions that belong to moral emotions. It is more like Freud's superego. According to Haidt's paper, people do have positive emotions such as gratitude. To me, when someone do me a favor, I feel thankful and want to improve our relationship, I want to do something back. I can remember about 1 year ago, I just moved into centennial hall when I was a freshman. I needed to get new dorm to check in, but I had no idea where is it. So I asked a friend to picked me up at the airport and drove me there. I appreciated his favor and we are really close friends now and I think that ride started our friendship. It made us closer than before. That is what I think about moral emotions. On contrast, even though Haidt has a lot of fancy words for his theory but these hypotheses are still falsifiability. People don't think moral emotions are really scientific exist. Based on Haidt's words, people have moral emotions are always have some reasons. For example, people show respect because we feel fear, but on the other hand, people behave that most of time concern ourselves more.

video-game-kid.jpgIn my opinion, playing violent video game can't contribute to aggression. Looking across all the articles I read, I think I am most convinced by the third article which is called "Violent Games Not To Blame For Youth Aggression, Study Suggest" (ScienceDaily Dec. 14, 2010). 302 mainly Hispanic youth between the ages of 10 and 14 years were in the experiment. After 12 months from the beginning of the experiment, they were interviewed the second time for collecting the data. The experimenter found out that depressive symptoms were a really important reason for aggression. At the end of the experiment, the experimenter Christopher Ferguson concludes:" current levels of depression may be a key variable of interest in the prevention of serious aggression in youth". The second article convinced me the least, because it did consider other reason for people aggression but only find the information they were interested in. In my opinion, current depression is not only a big reason for aggression, but also there are some other important variables. For instance, violent movies or music also may cause people's aggression. We can see violence news all the time on TV. People even can watch real crime around them. For those things I mentioned, they are more realistic than those fake pictures violent video game. So they might are important reasons for people being aggressive. On the other hand, according to one of the six scientific thinking principles: extraordinary claims, we need some scientific design experiments to approve those views. If I were a experimenter, I would design the experiment for approving more crime rate around individuals can cause more aggression. First, I will find as more participants as I can. And randomly select them from both high crime rate area and low crime rate area as the control group. Second, I will find participants from each different areas as experiment groups. Using the longitudinal design to follow each individual for years and compare them with other people for other grounds at the end of the experiment. Then, I will give a reasonable conclusion about my research.

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