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Why is it so hard to communicate with people from the past generation? Why do they make things so complicated and are so superstitious, especially Asian parents? Five years from now I will embark on a journey to find a gem, and I believe the concept I would remember most and valuable from psychology is "Nature vs. Nurture".
Like many of my colleagues in the future we plan to get married sometime in our lives. Personally I do not plan to get married until I am in my 30's or late 20's when I'm financially stable. Not too old, not too young right? Wrong, in my culture at that age if I am not hitched there is something seriously wrong with me.
Also, in my culture there are many restrictions about marriage, especially about whom I can and cannot marry. For example, the Hmong people are separated into 18 main clans and a few of them, which I do prefer not to name, are labeled as "unclean or cursed". For that reason, growing up my parents has told me not to get involved with them. Sometimes, to piss them off, I occasionally would reply "Okay, Mom/Dad I will date a white girl then," which sparks high tensions and long shot you down lectures about that matter. :P If you have not notice, most Asian American parents are quite racist when it comes to marriages. They will not say it in your face, they will give you're the stare and gossip about it behind your back.
This brings the matter of nature vs. nurture, five years or so I will have to use this concept to find the right person for me people are unique and influenced by both. To find the right companion, I believe everyone will benefit from this concept as many people do take from their parents not just genetically but psychologically too.

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