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Mouakoon Yang
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What I will remember "Suggestive Memory Techniques"
Psychology is a class that I haven't really spent much time on as I have wanted, but it is very useful to know some of these concepts years from now or years before. What I have found most useful from psychology is the suggestive memory technique, which suggests that a person or someone with authority or power or anyone can influence or encourage someone else to remember memories that are fake or may have been real. The people who are affected by the suggestive memory techniques are people who believe that these fake facts people are telling them about themselves are real. For example like the article we have read about Paul Ingram who admitted to raping his daughters and confessing to the memories the police and doctors have told him. But really none of this ever happens and he ended up going to jail for something he did not do. This is why I think suggestive memory technique is good to remember from this class because if you know this you can stop yourself from ever getting in this kind of situation and not admit to something that you did not do. Knowing this can help save yourself, for example if someone mess up at work and try to make you think you were the one that messed up you can hopefully remember back to what you learn in psychology and not admit to what these people are telling you because you could save yourself from losing your job or from ever having something bad happen to you.

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