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aphasia:i can't speak!

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Sarah Scott,a 19 years old girl who suffers from aphasia, a communication disorder.She find she can't speak any word after she get an unexpected ischemic stroke.
Aphasia is a kind of impairment of language ability which is caused by the advantage hemisphere damaged.As different area and extent of brain is damaged ,aphasia is divided into several types such as anomic aphasia、receptive aphasia and global aphasia and so on.
Lots of reason can make us get aphasia like cerebrovascular disease and craniocerebral trauma.
They make our advantage hemisphere broken and we can not find the word we want to say.
For example,if our brain is Wikipedia,the database is run but there is some trouble with Search tool .We can't find the information we need though we know the word.
Aphasia patients are suffering because they are still smart and have their own mind but they can't show it and talk with others.
Up to now ,scientists are still discovering effective way to cure it and improve patients' life.

my mother forgot me!!

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Are there any old people which were rational and smart before but now are starting to forgetfulness 、 restless 、 emotional and language expression is difficult, even forget the way home or forget his family member? !!!!!
If have, so they may They might get alzheimer's disease.Zhang Li, an 82 years old women who are Living in Beijing, China, and have the disease. she started forgetful and also always crying and angry. However, these has not aroused the attention of the family until she got lost in the way to home which she walked before.Let her daughter shocked that she didn't even know who is that when her daughter went to police station to pick up her
This pathological will lead to the cerebral cortex atrophy, and accompanied by beta amyloid/beta AP deposition, neurons fiber tangles (neurofibrillarytangles, NFT), a lot of memory, and to reduce the number of neurons senile plaques (senileplaque, SP) formation.PSYW3Sissi.jpg
Chinese people net survey found twenty percent of north China 80 years old man with alzheimer's disease, and the age of the patients in the shrinking. And this kind of disease is almost impossible to cure. So if your side of the older memory and mood problems, please take him to the hospital!

t032.jpgIs it founded in architectonic?I find it in a Chinese PSY club website and it created by Swiss artist Sandro Del Prete. Observer picture top half then without bottom-half, you can find something interesting! This is a kind of Optical illusion cuz there are lots of external factors mislead us like color,shape and light when we look at the picture . And i also think that we are also influence by cultural background ,memories,and the others(but i haven't find proof yet).
Actually,there are many Optical illusion around us such as Ames room illusion 、Ames Trapezoid Window illusion、Vertical-horizontal illusions 、Necker Cube 、Hermann grid illusion and so on.All of them are used Extensively and usefully.The best evidence is now very popular in the subway to create Enigma illusion based on the 3 d picture .illusion.jpg
Actually ,I am trying to apply these principles.l hang a mirror on the wall last week, and it make it really let me house looks bigger!
Optical illusion is my first use of psychology knowledge. It let me know that i can I can in the life applied psychology and not only can only take it write a paper (as irrational Numbers: p)

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