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Enneagram is a model of human personality which is principally used as a typology.It definite nine types temperament:
1. The Reformer
2. The Helper
3. The Achiever
4. The Individualist
5. The Investigator
6. The Loyalist
7. The Enthuiast
8. The Challenger
9. The Peacemaker
Sometimes we use the "wing" to make the definition more incorrect.Just like the picture-- 116742785_f9995f9ed8_o.gif116742804_d359f6d950_o.gif
And it also be classified Instinctual subtypes which usually called "self-preservation", "sexual" and "social".
No one know who created it,most of people think that it is a old knowledge which can find in history of Pythagoras. But Enneagram is one of the most popular theory on personality.Many company like HP and Coke Cola apply it on HR and it is a hot course in university too.
If you want know which one is your type,It is the test


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Look at the right picture,do you think it is disgusting and shockingly repellent?If you say yes,that means you are a human because hating dense object is the basic instinct of man . In ancient times,serried thing is usually in contact with dangerous eggs,herpes virus infection,social insects and so on.These survival experience have accumulated in our mind for million years .It make us feel bad or even vomiting to escape as so
|on as possible.
But if you have the same feeling or let my scalp pins and needles when you looking the left one ,you may get a kind of Phobias called trypophobia.There are lots of reason can course the disease,the common one is that patients tied the thing he faced when he was hurt in the past and dense object together.The hippocampus remember the unforgettable experience and it will be recalled and replay the feeling when patients meet serried things.

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